Amsterdam Week: IMYTA+ Flashback

I had seen touristbladers before of course. Most of the time you would run into touristbladers at the local skatespots, and every once in a while you could spot a small flock of touristbladers in the wild. But nothing could have prepared me for the amount of touristbladers I witnessed the days leading up to one of the most anticipated real street events ever. Everywhere I went I encountered Mindgame hoodies, $enate backpacks, Medium sweaters and more of the like. Us Damsko Kids had been waiting for this weekend ever since it had become clear that the two grandfathers of real street contests would be working together on what was to become one of the most epic rollerblading weekends ever witnessed by man. This day had finally arrived. With it an unbelievable number of rollerbladers of all ages and nationality. Words fail to describe the awesomeness experienced by yours truly. Therefore I will not even attempt to bore you with more of my insane ramblings, but will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Chimera Wheel Voting: Get involved in choosing the Design for the new Gabriel Hyden Pro Wheel

It's official: Gabriel Hyden will receive the next Chimera pro wheel. While this is a good thing in general, Chimera takes it to a new level and wants you to decide which design they should choose. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and cast your vote! If you don't want to participate in the decision-making you might as well want to watch the promotional edit Gabriel put together for this.

Issue 30 – Demetrios George Interview

Demetrios' interview was the main feature in issue 30. An Am skater turned Pro in a long list of amazing personalities who would have long deserved to make a living with their skating. Now a seasoned pro, Demetrios had a lot to say about his am status, tours, idols and skating in general.