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Pony Cup 2015

The great RAD family has organized the Pony Cup competition since 2005, and just announced the dates for its 11th event and 10 years anniversary,...

Competition Report: Pony Cup 2012

Welcome to the island of Falster! The island that hosts this years Danish Championships in Aggressive Inline, the competition that bears the honorable name of "Pony Cup". The competition this year was the pinnacle of three years of really good Pony Cups. The Pony has grown from a competition next to a horse stable, to a proper Danish championship involving a lot of sponsors and a lot of international rollerbladers attending.

Danish Championships: Pony Cup 2011 Contest Report & Official Edit

Pony Cup 2011 was a great experience. A lot of really good bladers attended this year and the competition – in contrast to its rather small name – featured some seriously good skating by Jojo Jacobi, Alex Burston and Jacob Juul as well as an elite troop of young guns that were ripping the park to shreds in the junior competition!

Pony Cup 2010

Pony Cup is a 6 year old annual skatepark competition in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. It is one of the largest and most popular rollerblade events in scandinavia. With a newly renovated skatepark, there are plenty of new lines and opportunities for a great day.

Photo Report: Ponycup 2013

Against all odds, photographer Mathieu Hennebert and myself arrived in Nykobing on Friday, March 8th, around 5PM and 4 hours late. It only took a cruise on a ferry, too many hours sitting on a bus and an unexpected train ride to make it there. Sweet. City wasn't cold yet, but that wouldn't last too long. Thankfully, the great folks over at RAD were kind enough to put together an amazing weekend to warm up the atmosphere!

Ponycup 2013 in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark

Once again Ponycup 2013 will get some overseas visitors at Kulturfabrikken! Names such as Dominik Wagner, Nils Jansons, Nick Lomax, Alex Burston, Richie Eisler and Miro Kolb will be in attendance. This year we will also be paid a visit from Blackjack and Hedonskate who will put up a booth with new and fresh gear for you to check out. So remember to bring your wallet if you want to get hooked up with the newest and freshest gear!

Ponycup 2012 DKC Finals in Nykøbing, Denmark

Next weekend from Friday 9th March until Sunday 11th March the annual Ponycup in Nykøbing, Denmark is going down. Be sure to participate or, if you dont't feel like it, watch some of the worlds best pro's lacing their tricks in the Kulturfabrikken Skatepark.

Ponycup 2011 Results

It’s been a spectacular event this year. Riders and crowd were going crazy in the park. Expect event coverage on Be-Mag soon! This years winners are:

Alex Burston Razors SL Pro Skate

Alex Burston from Manchester, England is one of the fastest rising stars in the European skate scene. Over the last 2 years he was winning various contest such Laced, Chosen Few and Boneyard Jam in England, Ghetto Games in Latvia, Open Street Comp in Moscow and the Pony Cup in Denmark. He was touring hard and putting out killer edits. His GC section showed the world what we already knew: Burston is here and here to stay. To celebrate the hard work and dedication Alex has shown we are proud to bring you his first pro skate.

Jacob Juul is back on track

One of the most memorable blading moments I had this year was at the Pony Cup (Danish Championships) in March. I heard that my friend Jacob was rolling again after a one year break because of a knee surgery. He told me that he was only planning on cruising around a bit and having fun being back on his wheels. Obviously I was looking forward to seeing that.