Buddy4: CT to Pow-wow to MIA

ift from the Be-Mag msgboard continues his tradition of touring in his lecture-free time with Buddy4, hailing from New Haven to Boston, Bridegport, Brooklyn, Virginia, Greenville, and back to his home state of Florida meeting new and old friends, sleeping through his run at Pow-wow and... having a blast!

Fort Pierce Pre Pow-Wow Session by Frankie Terranova

Check out this video filmed at the Lawnwood Skatepark in Fort Pierce, Florida. Frankie Terranova captured this sweet pre Pow-Wow session filled with sick grinds performed under the hot Florida sun. Sit back and enjoy the dudes from Central Florida Rolling as they shred this park to pieces!

Panhandle Pow-wow 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida

The 2012 Panhandle Pow-wow will be held April 27-28th at Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida. The Pow-wow Pro/Am division will be invite only. Invite includes entry to Friday nights $1000 Best Trick contest presented by Bernal Heights COllective. Stay tuned for more info because there is plenty more to come.

Pow-wow Pro/Am 2011 Contest Report + Official Edit

This must have been the nicest weekend Jacksonville had ever seen. Definitely hot, but perfect skating weather. We arrived at the park around noon on Friday, several hours before the start of the Under 18 division contest. After a few to-do's and touch ups, the Under 18 was under way and went off without a hitch. I remember some tricks from this contest that made me wonder if these kids where really under 18. Such as Zach Pollak's Full Cab Ally Oop Mizou, cess slide in, then his huge disaster back Royale on the cement ledge, or Tyler Huston's Tru Fishbrain. Everyone did an amazing job! Congrats to Zach for taking home first. Later that night, it was straight to the MacBook with Scotty Swemba by my side to work on the first Be-Mag live update.

Official POW-WOW Pro/Am Contest Edit

Frankie Terranova and Scotty Swemba of Central Florida Rolling did an amazing job with this great edit featuring all the action that went down at the POW-WOW! Make sure to check it out!