HOME MOVIES: The Powerhouse Movie

After months of waiting the Powerhouse Home Movies have been released by The Conference. Enjoy a free full length video to end, and officially close the doors to the Powerhouse Studios project. This film is a vintage behind the scenes look at what was happening throughout the filming of the edits you watched coming out of Barcelona all last year. Be sure to go replay your favorite Eisler HD edits from the PHS, and if you want to see the Xsjado crews best tricks keep an eye open for the anticipated Xsjado video later this year.

The Powerhouse Movie: Trailer

For one year, I walked and rolled the streets of Barcelona with my vintage VHS-C camera on my shoulder, documenting the Powerhouse Studio and its guests to the fullest. I choose to do this with a traditional style we can all relate to... The analog handheld movies our families once shot of our childhood.

The Powerhouse is over…

Richie Eisler just announced the end of the Powerhouse, check their official blog site for more info. Thanks to everyone involved for the superb content that came out of this project, great times!

Fredrik Andersson Powerhouse Edit

It is finally here! Get your popcorn, turn up the volume and enjoy a little taste of Fred's trip. Shot and cut by Richie Eisler with additional filming by Dustin Werbeski.

Worapoj Boonnim Powerhouse Edit

The style and quality of the blading speaks for itself, and having him around keeps everyone smiling – a great person and a great skater, we are proud to present Worapoj Boonnim “Note” of Thailand. Worapoj stayed in Barcelona at the Powerhouse and filmed this edit with Dustin Werbeski and Adrien Anne. Edited by Adrien Anne.

USD VII 2011 – A Powerhouse View by Dustin Werbeski

The USD VII 2011 skate is a massive evolution on its predecessors. Flat shell/improved anti-shock, fast and completely new soulplate compatible with Carbon 2 and Imperial (Wider groove), lightweight, comfortable, unbeatable quality/price. Check out this trippy edit featuring the new and improved USD VII by Dustin Werbeski!

Enter the Powerhouse – How to get chased by the Police & get your skates confiscated

Did you ever think that one of the best memories from a visit to the Powerhouse would include an epic police chase down one-way streets by three motorcycles/scooters, getting stopped, searched and your skates taken away? Adrien Anne, Diego Guilloud and Josh Glowicki were given a rude awakening by Barcelona’s boys in blue. Adrien gives us his take on the adventure.

Powerhouse Home Movies: Winterclash 2011

This is something that will attract attention to all – not just another Winterclash contest edit, this is our past and our future. Powerhouse, life from another perspective. Enjoy this a home movie directed by Dustin Werbeski.

Enter the Powerhouse – Feeling Peachy at the Beachy

»The whole crew had independently decided on a skate through the sunshine city just for the enjoyment of skating, despite only having slept a few short hours. Rollerskating along the seafront is what my life has become and I love it. Let me just turn my cap back to front and adjust the Ghetto Blaster on my shoulder.«

Enter The Powerhouse – Chapter 5

»Sometimes we forget how much fun skating really is. A simple game of „Horse“ with your best friends can leave a far stronger feeling of elation than killing yourself over a trick that you are forcing yourself to do. Don't forget to have fun!«

Enter the Powerhouse – Chapter 4

»Everyone knows aggressive rollerbladers are gangsters. Why would they be called aggressive rollerbladers if they weren’t? Even criminals and dangerous felons aren’t preceeded with the word aggressive. Aggressive Dangerous Felon sounds stupid.«

Enter The Powerhouse – Chapter 3

»A knock on the door preceeded the arrival of everyone's favourite Frenchman, Greg Mirzoyan, rolling with enough luggage and camera equipment to single handedly film the next Harry Potter feature.«

Enter the Powerhouse – Chapter 2

»The next thing I know it's way past midnight and the whole crew is hill bombing drinks deep into the night. I have only been in Barcelona 4 hours and here I am again, straining my eyes against the dark to spot impending doom in the form of cracks, branches or holes.«

Enter The Powerhouse – Chapter 1

While the northern hemisphere is covered in snow these days and street skating mecca California is set afloat by an everlasting monsoon rain, there is this city in the eastern part of Spain that still has some proper street skating going on. We're not sure if it's the mild central European climate that motivates these guys to put out amazing content or if the stuff that they are doing heats up the city. Either way: here's the next chapter of „Enter The Powerhouse“ on Be-Mag. And this time, it has an additional video. If you have no idea what this video is about, you better not waste any more time and click on „MORE“ right away.