Three lines with Przemek Górczyk

Przemek Górczyk is an up and comer from Wroclaw. He is one of the Hedonskate Young Gun riders who finally gets some exposure. The scene in Wroc?aw has always been quiet, yet with the arrival of Wiktor Kwapisz and his camera, the local rollers have a good chance to present their skills. Przemek got our attention by winning the Never Winter Jam amateur contest back in 2009 and proved himself with good actions in 2010 like a sick profile in Sisiloco DVD and edits like this below. Przemek belongs to the new generation of bladers in Poland - skilled and strongly willing to take his passion one step further - watch out for this Hedonskate Young Gun in future!

Competition Report: East Side Jam 2013

"That little p-rail in the tunnel. Bladers from all over the country will really have to skate it?" is what I was thinking on June 1st, 2013. We've had problems with weather during previous editions of East Side Jam, but this time it was literally pouring at noon, just when the competition was set to begin. After cancelling the contest we decided to do a little jam at our only spot with a roof above our heads. Fortunately, after some time spots have mostly dried up, and the p-rail became just the first spot of the competition!