Remy Meister – Raw Falls Section

Some people just like it rough. Rough skating, raw style... And harsh landings. That could sum up Remy Meister's attitude quite well. His raw and instinctive skating, and his unrefined style sure make him stand out on the actual scene of top European skaters. Read the article on Frenchyfries.

Remy Meister Home Edit Brussels

Check out this edit of Remy skating what might be the smallest skatepark in the world, two tiny rooms, one rail and some quaters if you can all them that...

SSM ‘The Bloodline’ Promo Edit

Watch the new SSM 'The Bloodline' edit featuring Firstbloods Joey Chase, John Bolino, Billy O'Neill, Brian Shima, and Marc Moreno, Secondbloods Matty Schrock, Dave Lang, Adria Saa, and Remy Meister as well as Prospects Brian Weis, Gene Stagall, Sean Salazar, and Paco Rey.

French SSM Team at Foch Invitational

Despite the shitty weather and wet spot, the Foch Invitational was quite an incredible event! Victor Legrand, Louis Vilar & Rémy Meister put on quite a show for the crowd in attendance! Short but sweet!

High In The Park 2010 Bulle (saturday): Part 1. Qualifiers

So it's saturday afternoon here in Bulle, the Young bucks were about to ride their heats, unfortunately the rain gods didn't want them to ride just yet! So people are taking cover in their cars or under the cantin they had put up in case this did happen...good planning! While the rain was pouring on the course, people basically started drinking, and planning their evening....Remy Meister and his girlfriend had the great idea to organise an iPod battle, contest organisers wanted to start the best trick contest, rain or not, just like it went down 2 years ago. As of right now it's undecided whether we will be having a street contest today or not. Stay tuned for more of High in the Park news, pictures and video later on in the evening.

Home Contest 5 Gallery

This time, Remy Meister and friends organized their own Micro ramp championship in their appartment. Some stolen wood, some booze, lot of efforts and u get the home contest 5.