3rd Rollerblading Competition at Unit 1 Skatepark in Rochester, England

On the Sunday 20th November Unit 1 Skatepark in Rochester, Kent are hosting their 3rd annual Rollerblading Competition, again organised by 3rider TV. After raising over £700 for the park at last year’s event, we hope to make this year even bigger and better! On top of that, Unit 1’s street section has just been re-built with a new Drop box rail (7m long), up, along and down box and an A box!


Mike Torres pairs with Leon Basin again to bring another master piece of wizard skating. Filmed in Rochester, Toronto and New York City, the two...

Up and Comers: Cody Lampman

Reminiscing the first time I met Cody brings three specific things to mind: all black everything, soft words, and powerful, badass blading. A few car-fulls of us Rochesterians ventured to Syracuse for a BladeBQ last summer. Upon arriving, I recognized everyone, save for one. That was Cody. He was relatively quiet (at first), but spoke loudly with his blading. It was fast, precise, stylish, and really, really good. This tattoo-covered, skinny jeans adorned, beer slamming dude I had never heard of before was absolutely attacking the ledges. Needless to say, I liked Cody immediately. Since then, Cody and I have developed a great friendship. He is a passionate blader, supportive friend, talented artist and an avid punisher of his own liver. Meet Cody Lampman.

‘The Warm Up’: Arsenio Patterson Section

The first time I had ever heard of Arsenio Patterson was when I was growing up in upstate New York. I was 15 at the time, and lived an hour south of Rochester. A lot of the older bladers in the area always talked about how good this Arsenio kid from NYC was. Arsenio is stylish and controlled, with a bag of nothing but insane tech tricks. -Stefan Brandow