Fenfanix Road to Winterclash Live-Update #2: Freezin’ at Forward Freestyle

The second day of the Fenfanix Road to Winterclash Tour started off with everyone waking up on air mattresses to the sound of Rob Pruett’s hair dryer at 9 in the morning. He was attempting to heat up the room at Forward Freestyle Skatepark after our space heater stopped working in freezing cold Belgium. The team eagerly got ready to blade quickly though. On our way to the ramps, more Fenfanix riders arrived. Diego Guilloud, Julien Cudot, and Antony Pottier came in with a bang and woke the rest of the house up. Everyone was game though and we started an early massive private session.

Fenfanix Road to Winterclash Tour 2012

It is getting close. The 2012 edition of the Winterclash is waiting for us around the corner and everybody is slowly getting high blood pressure. From the 7th and 8th of February the Winterclash tour will start at the Forward Freestyle Skatepark in Roeselare, Belgium. The climax of this tour will be the three day event in the Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Of course Be-Mag will provide live updates every day. This huge event is already completely sold out, but don't worry if you don't have your ticket yet. There is a Be-Mag Prize Raffle going on where you can win one of the last tickets around.

Forward Freestyle Halloween Jam 2011

Last month, the Forward Freestyle Skatepark in Roeselare, Belgium organized a Halloween session. All the bladers in this edit have amazing talent. You wouldn't want to miss these sick air tricks, ridiculous flips and the killer vibe, so go watch it right now!

Stephane Alfano: Forward Skatepark

Kaltik rider Stephane Alfano is killing it in the Forward Skatepark in Roeselare, Belgium. Watch him doing some of the sickest tricks and literally destroy the park.

Rollerblade AM Tour through the Netherlands

»We woke up early and drove to Rotterdam Skateland. I spoke with the owners of the park and they were willing to let us skate the park before it opened. Which was cool because we had the whole park on our own for 7 skaters. Dick Heerkens and Adil Farhouni also joined the session.«

Razors News: Belgium Scene

Belgium's finest "Antony Pottier" and "Jeremy Kesler" ripping it up at their favourite skatepark, the Forward Freestyle Skatepark in Roeselare (Belgium). The park has been enlarged and renovated in the last months. When you go to the skatepark you will definitely find Jeremy's and Anto's signatures on the new ramps. Insane blading action!

Forward Freestyle skate session

This year's Bling Bling Contest started with a night session on April 23th (one day before the main contest) at the Forward Freestyle Skatepark in Roeselare (Belgium). Here are a few clips of the session.