Air FISE Marseille 2011 Live-Update #7: Two addtional clips of Franky Morales and Romain Godenaire

While the rolling community celebrates Chris Haffey's world record jump, more and more clips of the Air FISE are popping up on the net. Below you can view Franky Morales lacing a super clean 900 over the Mega Jump. Additionally, we discovered another clip from Romain Godenaire that reveals the real dimensions of the ramps the pros are dealing with here. However, Romain over-rotated this huge flat-spin and accidentally landed in the flat. According to Freddy White from Romain is doing fine again. As soon as we have more information about his health status, we will let you know.

Fenfanix 2013 Team Edit feat. Dalnas, Pottier, Cudot & more

Fenfanix's Gianluca Asunis brings us these new and old clips of their team riders Jeff Dalnas, Jeremy Kesler, Antony Pottier, Romain Godenaire, Diego Guilloud, Warren Digne, Diego Luppi, Fallon Heffernan, Julien Cudot, Daniel Tamanda, Riano van der Heuvel, and Rob Pruett.

Fenfanix Road to Winterclash Live-Update #3: First Area51 Clips

So we arrived in Eindhoven after a cold two and a half hour journey from Forward Freestyle. With the Fenfanix team in tow we checked in at the Holiday Inn and went to the nearest "food outlet", which is code for McDonald's. Once everyone had unpacked we proceeded to the Winterclash skatepark Area51. They have built some amazing obstacles for the contest. We grabbed some clips of our riders Diego Guilloud, Antony Pottier, and Romain Godenaire just throwing some steeze around the place before the real warm up session tomorrow. Check it out!

Air FISE Marseille 2011 Live-Update #2: More Pictures from The Ramp Set-Up

The Fise Team arrived early in the morning to prepare the event venue. But what's the deal about the Air Fise event? Compared to the other Fise events the AIR FISE is not a competition, it's a show. Rollerblading plays an important part in the show. Additionally, we have an own area for wakeboarders which is a big pool set up in the Marseille Ice Ring and equipped with huge FISE ramps. On the other side of the ring there will be a new and exiting ramp set up for the rollerbladers. Brian Aragon, Franky Morales and Chris Haffey already arrived in Marseille to check out the location. French Riders Kevin Quintin, Romain Godenaire and Mathias Silhan are also on site and will enter the course today. As you might have seen on the Air Fise teaser the Air Fise will be the platform for another highlight: Chris Haffey will to try to break the world record for the longest jump. Stay tuned for further updates.

FISE Experience Le Havre 2011

Anthony Avella has documented the FISE Experience 2011 for your viewing pleasures. Check out the french spin masters ripping up this bowl landscape in Le Havre, France. Featuring Stephane Alfano, Romain Godenaire, Daniel Molinari and many more...

More FISE 2010 edits by PMG

Parimultiglisse just posted up several FISE 2010 edits showing Romain Godenaire's triumphal procession as well as the highlights of the Rollerblade Pro Competition and of the Roll's Rail competition.