‘Valo4Life’: Part #4 – Dean Coward & Ross Kuhn

In 2009, the Valo Brand released 'Valo4Life', their fourth team video. Captured during two years of touring some of most beautiful cities in the world, including Barcelona, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Amsterdam and San Francisco with the international team. Along with the vast amateur talent from across the globe, 'Valo4Life' features with sections from pro riders Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, Brandon Smith, Victor Arias, Soichiro Kanashima, Cosmio Tassone, and Jon Julio. Enjoy the first team video by Ivan Narez – and the only blading video on iTunes – as he and the team work to complete the next Valo team video, 'V', due out Summer 2013.

Ross Kuhn ‘Pariah’ Profile

Ross came to town for 18 days and pretty much skated by himself for this whole part in Kansas City, not really fair that Alex left, the van broke down, it rained half the time, and Ross got consistently broke the fuck off. -Adam Johnson

Ross Kuhn C.O.D.

Here we've got a few clips from Valo's finest Ross Kuhn. Enjoy it. Ross Kuhn C.O.D. from Themgoods on...

Ben Schwab Xsjado 2013 Edit

The Conference just put out this new edit of Ben Xsjwab! Typical skating from the Xsjado pro, thought out and difficult maneuvers on exclusive spots! Edited by Brandon Negrete, filmed by Lonnie Gallegos, Ross Kuhn, JC Rowe, and the Portland Homies.

‘Shred ‘Til You’re Wed’ by Ivan Narez

'Shred 'Til You're Wed' documents another gathering of the Shred crew. The boys were back together again for a good ol' fashioned bachelor camping party. A few days before the wedding, the crew cruised through central Oregon and explored some of the parks they missed on the other Shred strips. After a few days on the road of the usual Shred shenanigans – blading, beers, and buds – they arrived in Portland just in time to help a fellow amigo, Ross Kuhn, tie the knot. -Brian Krans

‘Regardless’: A Video by Brandon Negrete

Brandon Negrete uploaded his latest attempt 'Regardless' for everyone to enjoy. The video features Chris Haffey, Jeff Stockwell, Erik Bailey, Chris Dafick, Erik Stokley, Ross Kuhn, Kruise Sapstein, Andy Jacuzzi, Keaton Newsom, and many more. The new year just got sooo much better...

Dayshapes by Erik Bill – Promo Edit

Dayshapes is a video by Erik Bill featuring Chris Olpin, Ross Kuhn, Ty Acuff, Geoff Phillip, JT Truitt, Gavin Fitch, Corey Grubb, Justin Mousley, Tad Tregeagle, Jay Whitmore, Eli Dorsey, Tyler Schmidt and many other talented bladers. Dayshapes is available now – get it at the Be-Mag shop!

The Making of the ‘Valo V’ Book

The 'Valo V' book is the real deal. Engineered, designed, and printed to be the most complete package we could deliver, this book is 64 pages of beautiful double pass, duotone black ink printed using an offset litho press at the award-winning Colornet Press in Los Angeles, Calif. The cover is flush trimmed and made of duplexed black chipboard with gold screen-printed logos on front and back. The inside back cover is die-cut perfectly to pressure hold your disc in place and keep it safe. Take care of it and enjoy it, just like we did while making it.

Pariah Review by Lukas Tönnesmann

It is hard to put into words how very much I enjoy Adam Johnson´s work. Not only does he know how to capture the aesthetics of rollerblading in a way that appeals to a vast majority of the rolling community, but in addition he seems to dedicate every breathing minute to rollerblading related projects, be it VX, Street Artist or whatnot. For the last few years Adam has been on the road constantly. The routine of buying a van and turning it into his mobile headquarter appears to have become a fixed segment of his life. After filming for On Top and Charging, both extremely well received projects, he still had the energy to put his all into yet another feat.