Rotterdam Street Battle 2013

Every year Sven Boekhorst organises the Rotterdam Street Battle on the Streetplaza in Rotterdam's Zuiderpark. This edit shows you the day and includes skating by Eugen Enin, Adrian Roter, Levi van Rijn, Rik van Huik, August van der Velden and many others!

Rotterdam Street Battle 2012

On Saturday June 2nd the Rotterdam Street Battle was held at the Zuiderpark Sportplaza in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was a great day with an awesome vibe and most riders of the dutch scene were present. Check out the results, a banger edit, and some sweet photo's below. Enjoy!

Rotterdam Street Battle 2012 in Rotterdam, Netherlands

On July the 2nd 2012 the annual Rotterdam Street Battle will be held at the Sportplaza Zuiderpark in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This battle will have three sessions. The first session will be a rail and ledge session. The second will be a skatecross, and the last session is a ledge and drop ledge session. Be sure to participate if you are around because Rotterdam is one of the most epic cities in the Netherlands to skate!

Rotterdam Street Battle

The Rotterdam Street Battle is definetely an event to look forward to! Mark the date in your calendars and get ready for some serious action!

Rotterdam Street Battle 2011

Rotterdam hosts a couple of the best funded skateparks. And we're gonna skate it! Next up is the Rotterdam Street Battle. The concrete streetpark named "Sportplaza" will be the place hit. On Saturday august 13th the contest will be held on 2 parts of the park. First up a line on the ledges and the rail gives the riders their change to show creativity and style on 2 different obstacles. After his round a hardcore border cross through the whole park., all for shits and giggles. Finishing up on the 1.5 meter dropledge for them hammers. And who knows cause we dutchies love it, a 4 team soccer competition on the field when the bbq heats!

Montre Livingston at Rotterdam Skateland – BFC Edit

The guys at Breakfast Club filmed this sweet edit the day Montre visited Rotterdam Skateland. Looks like a nice session went down when the rasta man from Charlotte joined forces with his dutch equivalent Georgio Oelers and BFC´s Bojd Vredevoogd! Enjoy!

Dutch Rollerblading Championship “Oeteldope” series started in Rotterdam this weekend

Last Saturday the first round of the Dutch Championships took place in Rotterdam. Adil Farhouni from Almere won this first round in the senior category. The winner in the juniors division was Tasheed Zaalman from Rotterdam. An overall ranking will determine who will become the new Dutch Champion after two more events, held in the next four weeks. This Dutch championship consists of three rounds at three different places in the Netherlands. The concept is unique since all the competitors get to skate together for a couple of minutes, which gives them more time to impress the judges.

Stephen Swain ripping it up at the Skateland Rotterdam

Jordan Maders from the UK just got into the Netherlands. He will help us out with the live-updates. Yesterday they visited the Skateland in Rotterdam. Stephen Swain destroyed it there. Right now they are on their way to Eindhoven to check out the new obstacles and shred it up there. So check back tonight. Next update is coming up soon...