Stage Roller 973 Guyane with Anthony Avella and Stephane Alfano

It was 2 years ago when I went to French Guyana for my first internship organization Roller, in the overseas territories with the regional committee of Guyana 973. After much demonstration on my part, I had promised them that I will return with a professional of their choice. They have chosen without hesitation Mr Stephane Alfano to see his now famous 1260 °. Things promised things done and when this summer came, Stephane spent two weeks at my side in order to support these young people and show his talent. The fact to remember is that he came in a totally voluntary for the sake of all Guyanese. Following this experience, Stephane chosen to come and live in Guyana for one year the time to bring all his experience to young riders Guyana. -Anthony Avella

Stephane Alfano: Forward Skatepark

Kaltik rider Stephane Alfano is killing it in the Forward Skatepark in Roeselare, Belgium. Watch him doing some of the sickest tricks and literally destroy the park.

FISE Experience Le Havre 2011

Anthony Avella has documented the FISE Experience 2011 for your viewing pleasures. Check out the french spin masters ripping up this bowl landscape in Le Havre, France. Featuring Stephane Alfano, Romain Godenaire, Daniel Molinari and many more...
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FISE World China 2015

For the second time this year, the FISE travels the world and its next stop is taking place in China in just a month from now. The concrete madness...