WRS Uploaded 2011 Bbq & Bowl Bash in San Diego, CA

On December 17th 2011, the WRS 2011 Bbq and Bowl Bash will be held at the Robb Field Skatepark in San Diego, CA. Bring your blades, something to grill, and come session to celebrate the year in blading. Free skating, food and friends, join the fun and come hang out. Plenty of space outside the park for kid's, dog's etc. Come one, come all.

Feez Does San Diego

Eric Feeser comes up with this sunny and styleeh park and street edit featuring some cool guys shredding it up in San Diego.

A different view on the San Diego Blade Scene

Recently a recent guest of our city ran an article entitled “San Diego Scene Report” that ruffled a few feathers around here. His article featured very few of the skaters, industry and importance that san diego has in rollerblading. I’ve lived here my whole life and have been a part of the SD blade scene for over 15 years. So when the boys over here asked me to do the real scene report, I thought that I could do a little better, and pay some tribute to perhaps the most important city in our sport.

San Diego Power Ripping

Some of rollerblading's biggest names, brands and personalities live in and around San Diego; wonder what all the hype is about? Keep reading...