Skate! Seattle in Seattle, USA

Skate! Seattle will be held on June 21-23, 2013. Sponsored by Shop//Task USA and Seba USA. Organized by a long time aggressive skater and a top-ranking professional freestyle slalom skater, they are combining different events of skating all in one weekend in the Pacific Northwest: Freestyle Slalom, Skate Cross, and Skatepark. Join them as they take over the city of Seattle on inline skates!

StreetBattleSeattle 2010 report

It couldn’t have ended any sweeter. The 10th and final SBS was by far in my eyes the most powerful, for not only me but everyone in attendance. The level of skating was unreal. With close to 40 competitors it was a tough contest to judge. The hype was there all day with great skating, no busts, and with 4 megaphones there was never a dull moment.

StreetBattleSeattle Promo (WRS Event)

Jeremy Townsend and Bander Saleh are coming up with the SBS Promo 2010 edit. We really suggest you to join this extraordinary event. It will be the 10th and final round of the Street Battle Seattle comp. So be part of some rolling history.

Street Battle Seattle 2010

Here it is, the 10th and final episode of SBS! I can't believe it's already been 10 years! It's been a great run and I apologize that it's ending. If...