Amsterdam Week: Rolling Artist – Sergio Hasselbaink

Sergio Hasselbaink is one of Amsterdam’s few true wonder boys. He is a unique character on many levels. His swag is absolutely impeccable. Currently, he is experiencing great success with his passion in acting. That face is infamous in the nightly scene of Amsterdam. In short, he is an unstoppable, never-resting soul that does everything with complete passion, interest, and certain sensitivity.

Amsterdam Week: Who’s Who in Amsterdam

As you might have noticed this week we are spotlighting Rollerblading Amsterdam here on Be-Mag. Of course, we can't talk about Rollerblading in A-Dam without giving you an insight into the city's skate crew. So, what other people will you be meeting most likely when you decide to shred in Holland's capital - so here it is. A list of the Amsterdam Rollerbladers you might come across when you cruise through the city.

Amsterdam Week: The 2012 Amsterdam Rollerblading Video

This is the latest attempt in bringing it back to how it used to be, from the biggest and baddest O.G. in the Amsterdam rolling game. Twenty-plus minutes of no-bullshit hardcore street skating in and around Amsterdam from the Dutch blading hoodlums that you know best: Daan Hegt, Randy Abels, Tyron Ballantine, Terrence Buyne, Ryan Claus, Donny Duracel, Dick Heerkens, Sven Boogie and more of these lovely gents. Handcrafted, cooked up and spiced extra saucy for your pleasure by our shepherd of skating, Remy Cadier. Ajax de beste.