In the Know: CJ Wellsmore

Although relatively new to the spotlight, CJ has had wheels under his feet since the beginning, and has been competing internationally for over a decade. Starting at such a young age and skating in the shadows of Australian legends like Cesar Mora and Matt Salerno has left CJ with an unmistakable natural style for skating, especially on transition. Since returning to his blades in 2005 – after a short break for beach lifestyle – in just a few years, CJ has refined his skills and established himself as one of the worlds top bladers. CJ's skills on the blades are undeniable, even to the outsider's eye, but what makes his skating even more enjoyable to watch is the fact you can tell how much he loves it. CJ still has the same passion for skating as he did when he first started, which I think is what's needed to inspire the next generation of skaters.

The Colorado Road Trip 2011 – Day Two Update

From the deserted lands of Colorado, greetings y’all. Day two stacks as another banger for the books. As you can imagine the day started much slower. With the combination of 90+degree heat and lack of sleep from excessive campfire blader bonding the day moved slowly for some and for others it barely moved at all. Kicking it off around noon at Carbondale Skatepark, the scene seemed quite desolate as many of the attendees hugged to the shadows beneath the canopy. Others who could bare the heat in short cycles made their way over the broken-down pavement as each rider attempted to top the previous hit on the wall ride. At the same time 360 spins to topsides atop the cracked ledge on the opposite end of the park seemed to keep interest for those still closely huddled to their warming beers and shaded seats. After only a short while the decision was made to continue the journey onwards to an old bridge hanging above the Colorado River.

BuddyTour 2010

What follows is excerpts from a 30 page essay I wrote about Ian's and my mini-tour in December 2010. I've excluded some important, memorable events for brevity's sake involving Toy Story 3, a penis-obsessed Olympic athlete, Mike Lilly, and somebody pepper-spraying a sandwich. It is partly about rollerblading, but mostly a journal I kept while I was traveling. There are a few manipulations of time, but nothing drastic. Some paragraphs were literally copied and pasted out of context so it's not the most cohesive, fluent writing style. Deal with it.