‘The Warm Up’: Shane Conn Section

I met Shane after I had moved to Pittsburgh, PA. Shane was a skinny long haired kid who spun like a top and had the weirdest tricks constantly on lock. Over a very short period of time I saw him progress in to one of the best rollerbladers I've ever had the pleasure of skating with. I have to take a step back a lot of the time to really take Shane's skating in. It's raw and calculated, technical yet he still is able to lace some of the most creative hammers I've seen. The Wolfman will only continue to get better and blow more minds. -Stefan Brandow

Wolfsburgh: Shane Conn

Shane Conn: part blader, part wolf. Check him out kicking down your door with his most recent segment from Steel-town USA. Filmed over the past several months, you'll take a ride through a seemingly dark and flowing ride that is backed by some intense skating. After watching this you too may feel a tinge in your body as the next full moon graces the sky. Don't come blaming us if you start growing hair in place you never saw possible before.

Thank You Come Again Trailer by Hawke Trackler

Thank You Come Again will be premiering in Dayton Ohio at The Neon Theater on August 4th 2012. This epic video features sections on Shane Conn, Aaron Pyle, Kyle Wood, Matt Lyon, and Greg Preston. Excited yet? Hit play and let the trailer pump you up!

Trailer for ‘The Warm Up’

Peep the trailer to 'The Warm Up', a rollerblading DVD by Stefan Brandow and David Dodge. Featuring full sections from Brett Dasovic, Shane Conn, Mikey Petrack, Arsenio Patterson, Adam McManus, Casey Wilson, Stefan Brandow & Phillip Gripper.

The Warm Up Teaser by Stefan Brandow

The Warm Up is a new rollerblading DVD by Stefan Brandow and David Dodge. It features full profiles on Brett Dasovic, Shane Conn, Arsenio Patterson, Mikey Petrack, Adam McManus, Casey Wilson, Stefan Brandow, and Phillip Gripper. Sit back, hit play and enjoy the teaser of this film which will premiere in late February 2012.

Stairway To Shreddin: Second Trailer by Hawke Trackler

Sweet trailer for the new online movie Stairway to Schreddin. It's expected to release October 23th 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. Featured skaters are Codee Jennings, Daniel Powell, Greg Preston, Matt Plasencia, Hawke Trackler, Kyle Wood, Matt Lyo,n Paul Stewart and Shane Conn. We can’t wait!

A Day in Our Lives Episode 6 Teaser

The guys from achosen few really work their asses off to always come up with some top-notch content. Here is teaser for the next "A Day in Our Lives" episode including full days from DP, Shane Conn, and Alex Clifton.

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Now Playing: Yinzer Blading Volume 3

The third installment of Yinzer Blading wraps up both the YB trilogy and my time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For over seven years, I have been an honorary Yinzer, and this online project is my parting gift to those who explored the city with me. Exploring Pittsburgh is what this video is really about. Our crew has seen more of the City of Pittsburgh than most people who have lived there since birth.

Hawke Tracklers Thank You Come Again Video

Our fellow Be-Mag contributor Hawke Trackler has released his latest blade video "Thank You Come Again" for your hungry eyes to watch. Grab a snack, a drink or a smoke, whatever suits you on this Sunday, sit back and enjoy some sweet skating.