A SHOCKing Video

The SHOCK Video is the only video with a Taig Khris section, even if they are merely from his televised stunts. But, in true SHOCK style, that footage is superimposed with video of a transvestite.

The Shock Video Premiere in San Francisco, USA

The Shock Video is the most entertainingly schizophrenic depiction of rollerblading to date. The video features the best broke professional and amateur rollerbladers in the world. This epic video will premiere at 7:00 pm on December 16th at The Knockout in San Francisco, USA. The description in pre-order says "Mature Content: Contains Violent Material, Inappropriate for Children." So make sure you don't miss this one as this is going to be one banger of a movie!

The Shock Video Trailer by Shock TV

Check out the new trailer from The Shock Video featuring BJ Bernhardt, Taig Khris, John Bolino, Keaton Newsome and many, many more. Truly a sick lineup, go see for yourself!