Grindhouse Miniramp Masters – third stop in Bremen

The SAG is hosting the Grindhouse Miniramp Masters series (official German Championships) at 6 different locations throughout Germany. Make sure you collect your points at one of the the three future stops. The big final will be going down in October at the You-Messe in Berlin. More infos about this massive event will be coming soon here on be-mag. Here is the brand new of the third tour stop in Bremen featuring the talents of Dominik Wagner, Andreas "Gagi" Wagenblast, Sascha Winters, Sidney Hansen, Melvin Siemianowski and many more.

X-Mas Jam 2012 Promo Edit by Karsten Boysen

The I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg will once again host the infamous X-Mas Jam this year. In an effort to raise awareness for the event – and to get everyone juiced for December 15th – the Hamburg locals teamed up to get clips for a promo edit at their first "Bladers Only" session of the year. This is what they got.

I-Punkt Skateland Summer Jam 2012 Report

My girlfriend asked me out for a dance on Sunday night. A rare occasion that I was supposed to enjoy immensely. Of course I did, but I also felt quite rusty at the same time, shaking her and myself around in the club, slightly comatose after only two beers, trying to keep my back straight, while still shaking hips James Brown style. So what happened?

Competition Report: Grindhouse X-Mas Jam 2011

The X-Mas Jam in Hamburg, Germany is an institution. It has existed for a long time and each year it draws a large international crowd of skaters to compete. Besides being internationally renowned it has become the official German Championships competition, making it the most important contest for this nation.

Competition Report: Grindhouse Miniramp Masters Finals 2011

After a successful year with events in Bremen, Leipzig, Bonn, and Wuppertal, the finals of Grindhouse Miniramp Masters 2011 took place on the 17th of December in Cologne, Germany. In the second year of its creation, the series was host to over 100 competitors. Skaters from all over the country attended and made the final event one to remember.

U3 Baumwall: A Video by Karsten Boysen

'U3 Baumwall', which may sound weird in English, is actually a train station here in Hamburg, Germany. This is the station we usually got off for the filming of this video since it's right next to the "Hafen City", a new district of the city that is currently being built on ancient harbour ground. No building is older than five years and neither are the spots.

Miniramp Masters Wuppertal 2011

The German Miniramp Masters series recently had another stop in Wuppertal. The unknown Fedor Simonov took the crown. Congrats. PS: Make sure to pay special attention to the youngest kid in this edit 'Nils Rinas' starting his show at 0:52. Looks like another great talent.

I-Punkt Skateland Summer Jam 2011 Report

On the 6th and 7th of August in the city of Hamburg it was time for the annual Summer Jam at the I-Punkt Skateland. As in most of Europe the weather this summer has not been the best but it held out for us to hold this contest. Over the weekend the park saw talent from Skateboarders, BMXers and Rollerbladers! Sunday was the day set aside for the Rollerblading contests. The day kicked off in traditional fashion with the Limbo contest, something fun for the kids and a good warm up for those looking to compete in the following grind box, bowl and best trick contests.

Cult Logic Montage

Daniel Gourski comes up with a sweet edit featuring: Brian Aragon, Maik Lojewski (Borken),Sidney Hansen (Hamburg),Moritz Grenzdörfer...

Skatepark Checkout: I-Punkt Skateland Hamburg, Germany

We are only one week away from this year's German Inline Championships, the X-Mas Jam 2010, held at the I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg, Germany. Local ripper Pawel Wieleba prepared a big story exclusively for be-mag that features an up-to-date park edit, facts on the city of Hamburg, an Interview with veteran Jonn Rübcke and some old-school stuff. Take some time and enjoy it.

I-Punkt Skatehall summer festival

Believe it or not, the Thomas I-Punkt Skateland just had its 20th anniversary! Oh, you never heard of the "I-Punkt Halle" in Hamburg? Well, besides hosting the annual German Inline Championships – the original X-Mas Jam – it's home to everyone rolling in North Germany and especially for people from Hamburg. And you bet, there's a need for indoor skateparks around here, since there is an average of 140 rainy days each year. This indoor skatepark has a story that is even older than Rollerblading as we know it.