South Africa Scene report

Be-Mag is a global rolling magazine. Since the foundation of Be-Mag back in 1996 we have been striving to show you the different rolling scenes all around the world - no matter how big or how small they are. It's our goal to show you how Rollerblading survived, ascended or developed in different parts of this world. Here we start our first Scene report with the guys from South Africa. Their scene might be small, but their unique dedication to the sport make them bigger than they appear.

Top 5: Chaz Sands

Chaz Sands Wallride 180 out, Bones Skatepark - Photo Matt Dearden Chaz Sands is without doubt on of the biggest talents to come out of the...

The Traveler: Adrien Anne

Whether it’s out for a bite to eat in Milan, catching some sun in San Diego, or living a partier’s dream in Barcelona, Adrien’s getting spotted in more places than Where’s Waldo. Recently, we had a chance to catch up with him and discuss what it has been like living out of a suitcase for such a long time and being dubbed 'The Traveler'.

Interview with Miguel Ramos

Miguel is one of the most incredible people I know. His heart is as big as the universe. As good as it gets! His skating has been incredibly good since I can remember. Miguel have been skating for 17 years without stopping! One of the few. He has done so much for the blading community in Puerto Rico, that I dont even know how to be grateful but to tell you that he is one of the best bladers out there that can make a difference in the world. Good people like him is hard to find. If there aren't people like him I dont think there would be a skating scene in Puerto Rico. For years he has been the organizer of multiple events and competitions that keep the blading community in PR united and motivated to keep on rolling. If someone in Puerto Rico needs to be recognize in the blading community, definitely, has to be Miguel Ramos.