Stephen Swain Kaltik 2013 Edit

Some clips gathered over the weekends from the past 6-7 weeks. Big thanks to Conhuir Manweiler at Kaltik Hardware for the support over the past 3-4 years. -Stephan Swain

Stephen Swain’s Kaltik 2012 Edit

A section put together after five days in Holland. Thanks to Jeroen Wullems and Timmy van Rixtel for putting up with us for the week. Also thanks to Conhuir Manweiler for supporting me over the past three years. -Stephen Swain

Stephen Swain: UKSkate/Kaltik Edit

Stephen Swain has just released a new edit. Blading in the UK Skate Park, he drops some of the cleanest and smoothest tricks. It all looks so effortless. Right there is the definition of style.

Stephen Swain ripping it up at the Skateland Rotterdam

Jordan Maders from the UK just got into the Netherlands. He will help us out with the live-updates. Yesterday they visited the Skateland in Rotterdam. Stephen Swain destroyed it there. Right now they are on their way to Eindhoven to check out the new obstacles and shred it up there. So check back tonight. Next update is coming up soon...