‘Lost Transmissions’: A Video by James Sharp

Over the past 18 months or so I've been filming a fair few things, which I had initially hoped to use in some sort of project of my own. But after donating a few to various people to use online, and losing around 40% of what I had when my hard drive blew up, I decided it was probably time to make a little something before the footage was too dated. -James Sharp

England tour featuring Sam Tuffnell, James Sharp, Sim Warren and many more

A Tour organised by Steven Roy Collis, put together for fun, frolics, and skating with chums from all round southern England. Local hero Steve, decided the best way to make a successful tour would be......to find ten or more people, throw one hundred pounds in each, hire a van, then get me to drive everyone around the South West of England to skate and party for a week.

Loco Tour Noiya Jam update 2.1

Some more photos and video. Beautiful day at the Noiya Jam on Saturday. Lots of people chilling out side PLUS BBQ. Nick Lomax came 1st, Elliot Stevens 2nd Alex Burston 3rd. Burston also had the craziest collision with James Keyte (ending the whole contest in the process!) Hope your butts feel better guys! Lomax laced back to back tricks including his usual technical grind plus corkscrew 900 from quarter to flatbank. Elliot flowed the park and laced acid soul 720 and hurricane disaster Fish. Apparently there were 100 more people at the Jam than last year. Nice one Tim Darker!