One Minute, One Spot with Stephen Swain

Rollerblade Pro Stephen Swain amazes everyone with his ability for combining tricks in a way that no one thought possible. We asked him to do a "One Minute, One Spot edit" for us. A week later he came up with this section proofing once again his unique stability on rails, but also his imaginativeness. Keep your eye on this motivated roller who will definitely be blowing up even more in the future.

Photo Update: NASS

Photographers Ryan Goold and Matt Smith made it to NASS and caught the blading contest at the hottest NASS ever. Featuring CJ Wellsmore, Nick Lomax, Steve Swain, Roman Abrate, Anthony Pottier and Sam Crofts.

Unit 23 Skatepark September Session by Chaz Sands

This edit will instantly make your heart pump faster. The crazy mental tricks in this video are sure to hype you up and go out to lace your sickest trick on the closest obstacle available. Probably the bathtub curb or something. No seriously, Scott Quinn, Mark Burling, Conor Harkin, Bryan Harkin, Steve Swain, and Craig Harrison are using the Unit 23 Skatepark to the fullest and Chaz Sands managed to capture it all and mix it into this epic video.

Relentless NASS 2011

The World Rolling series was introduced into Relentless Energy NASS for the first time in 2009, bringing an international list of riders like never before. Year on year the progression of inline is awe inspiring as the riders tear the course apart with a mix of high flying acrobatics and technical wizardry. The likes of Brian Aragon (US), Steve Swain (UK) & Roman Goadenaire (FRA) are regular podium finishers.

Noiya Jam 2011 Sheffield Highlights

Highlights of the Noiya Jam 2011 in Sheffield documented by Scottishrolling. Featuring Dan ives, Chaz sands, sam tuffnel, blake bird, leon humphries, elliot stevens, nick lomax, steve swain, james keyte, andy mills, alex burston, sam brookfield

NOIYA Clothing Inline Jam 2011

Noiya Clothing is continuing to organise its annual rollerblade jam at The House Skatepark, Sheffield. The event was won by Alex Burston last year who walked away with the first prize of £300 cash, closely followed by Nick Lomax in second with his £150, and Steve Swain in third winning £75. Since winning last April Alex has gone on to have a stellar year, picking up major sponsorship from Razors. We hope to have him in attendance again this year to defend his title. Rumour has it that Mike Welland might also be about to attempt to regain his title from 2009.

NASS – Finals Day

Sunday saw the best blading of the weekend with the WRS Pro street finals, Goliath FInals and the RIchard Taylor best trick comp. Aragon destroyed the street course with huge tricks including a cork 7 transfer over Elvis clinching him first place. Roman Godenaire placed second with enormous spins and flips all over the place, Steve Swain came in third with a solid line of big tricks and tech grinds.


In just a few days, the lovely city of Amsterdam will welcome another edition of the Urban Sports Week event, also known as USWA. And this year,...