Sven Boekhorst brings Cityhopper to Europe

Sven Boekhorst is bringing his Cityhopper concept to Europe this year! After the great success of last years project which clocked in at 175.000 views and was entirely filmed in Holland, he and his crew already visited Belgium and Paris to take the project to the next level. City Hopper Europe is set to release at the end of this year.

‘Blackout’ feat. Sven Boekhorst by Axel van Dijk & Remy Cadier

'Blackout' was filmed in only two days in an old building in which the new Den Bosch skatepark was being built. The unfinished skate obstacles in the park were used to incorporate the Mind the Gap setup and the 'Cityhopper' ramp to add trick possibilities. Other attributes used to create this video were glow in the dark paint, LED-lights, a smoke-machine, a motorcycle, industrial lighting and a bungee cord. Axel van Dijk and Remy Cadier present Sven Boekhorst in 'Blackout'.

Sven Boekhorst Compilation Edit

Super sick edit of Sven making shredding horribly difficult spots look super easy... You might have seen some of the clips, but there are also a couple new ones!

Win Rollerblade Sven Boekhorst Pro Skates sponsored by Rollerblade & Grindhouse

Be-Mag has teamed up with Grindhouse and Rollerblade to bring you yet another skate raffle. This time we're hooking up one lucky Be-magger with a complete RB Sven Boekorst 2012 blade that are equipped with new Blank Frames, new harder/faster soul plates and 60mm/88a wheels. If you're an avid Rollerblade skater or just want to give them a try out of curiosity it's worth your while to enter this contest. And who doesn't love free blades? Why would you even want a blade from Sven? In the immortal words of legend Ryan Jacklone, "What's that kids name? Sven? He's ill. He tried to do some super ill spin to some super ill topside trick. My "leg doesn't go this way" trick." If you want to do that trick, listen to the Riggler and enter this contest.

Sven Boekhorst: Cityhopper Full Video

Finally! It is here! The Cityhopper is a video project starring Dutch Rollerblader Sven Boekhorst. All in the name of testing out his new Rollerblade SB Pro skate. With his customized ramp Sven performs stunts on highly recognizable tourist locations in the Netherlands, such as the Red Light District and the Dam Square in Amsterdam, as well as many other famous landmarks in the Netherlands. The Cityhopper destroys non-skateable spots with ease and finesse!

Sven Boekhorsts Cityhopper!

Finally the wait is over! Sven, once again shows his skills as a Skater and also as a visionary and project manager! Its been while since Rollerblading had a concept that can capture the attention of the masses the way that Cityhopper did. Check out the vid and judge for yourself if it breaks out of the norm of Rollerblading edits, we are convinced that it does and that such projects will "Spread the Word!" in an absolutely positive way. Enjoy..