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Moscow Street Open 2011 – Official Video Report

The Moscow Street Open 2011 contest took place on September 3rd in the streets of Russian capital, Moscow city. Special guests of the event included Billy Fish and Nick Lomax. The contest format was fresh and unexplored for Russian bladers as everyone skated any preferred spot throughout the contest and participants got money for their best tricks at the afterparty the same day. 41 spots were rewarded, including crazy tricks from Nick Lomax (USD Manchester power!), Andrey Zaytsev, Grisha Mikhalitsyn and Dmitriy Tipikin (Moscow blading gurus), Vladimir Turkin (Volgograd) and Daniil Goncharov (Belgorod city, Razors flow), famous shredders from Krasnoyarsk Stas Latyntsev (K24) and Spartak Alemasov (Razors, Fifty-50, KARTELshop), Egor Loginov (KALTIK prodigy from Saint-Petersburg) and many other riders from different parts of Europe. The afterparty was memorable: all bladers gathered in one place to share their impressions and create good times while organizers took care of a hip-hop concert for all and announce the best tricks. Thanks to everyone who attended event to help or just enjoy, you know who you are! Make sure, that you don’t miss next event from Rollerclub Dist and Skaters.Ru coming February 8th 2012, right between Chaz’s Invite and Winterclash. It is going to be called “INTERNATIONAL KARTEL’ 2012”, big names from big brands are expected to be there! -Dave Bloom... Read More...