‘Meet Your Maker’: A Video by Taylor Popham & Quintin Lamb

After six months of steady heshing all across Tennessee, 'Meet Your Maker' has now been released. Fueled by a thousand spliffs and one hundred cases, Ray Kronenberg, Taylor Popham, Hunter Harper, Quintin Lamb, Zach Tierce and the homies were able to raise the gnar bar once again.

‘Maybe Next Time’ – A Blade Flick by Julian Mire

A skate video with footage from 2011 starring Zach Leavell, Ray Kronenberg and Julian Mire. The video also features Jon Huffaker, Chad Anthony, Jon Heibert, Storm Trogdon, Taylor Popham and the rest of the crew. Edited by Julian Mire with help from Zach Leavell.

Southernscum Montage 2011

Chad Anthony, Geo Navarette, Jon Huffaker, Julian Mire, Chris Smith, Hunter Harper, Seth Lloyd, Taylor Popham, Roger Langley, Zach Tierce, Brad Anthony, Gumby, Landon Jordan, Stefan Brandow, Jake Chok and Daniel Henderson all in one edit. What more can you ask for?

“The Worst Summer” by Paul John

Really weak edit featuring the worst dudes. Namely Andrew Jacuzzi, Quintin Lamb, Hunter Harper, Taylor Popham, Dallas Wilson, Zach Tierce, Travis Rhodes and Paul John. Filmed and edited by Paul John.

Quick Shred 2 by Malcolm Heard

Nice flow in this edit by Malcolm Heard that features blading by Dylan Davis, Thinh Le, Brian Bina, Dean Coward, Matt "Foz" Langel, Quintin Lamb, Zach Tierce, Andrew Jacuzzi, Hunter Harper, Taylor Popham, Travis Rhodes, Malcolm Heard and Dallas Wilson.

Southern Scum Blackwoods Blackout Contest

Check out this sweet edit featuring some of the best rollerbladers the Florida scene has to offer! Get ready to see Gumby, Charles Dunkle and Taylor Popham do their thing! Damn I love the south!

Golden Touch

Taylor Popham, Zach Tierce, Andy Jacuzzi, Quintin Lamb & Hunter Harper. The worst dudes.

Weekend in Memphis

On the 4th of July Zach tierce, Taylor Popham, Hunter Harper and Quintin Lamb shredded Memphis. Here is a documentation of the things and tricks that happened during that weekend.