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Texas Skate Series: Austin

The second stop of this year's Texas Skate Series will come to Austin on May 23rd, and seeing how successful its San Antonio stop was already, it is...

Texas Skate Series: San Antonio competition

The Texas Skate Series San Antonio competition started off the way all San Antonio comps do, meeting up at San Pedro park. It was originally a ledge spot in the middle of town that eventually was designated as a "skate park" of sorts where they added a nice p-rail, curve ledge box and the famous angle iron ledge. It is not much but it is a perfect meet up spot for a competition like this. Being that the comp was on Easter weekend there were already people camped out with tents trying to secure their spot of the park for the Easter festivities.

‘Texas Blading’: A Video by Kristian Payne

'Texas Blading' is an online rollerblading short film covering all of the talent across the state of Texas. This film highlights rollerbladers from Dallas to Austin to Houston and in between. Featuring split sections from Troy Maimone and Keaton Newsom as well as Josh Glowicki and Fritz Peitzner. Filmed and Edited by Kristian Payne.

Game of B.L.A.D.E. by Intuition Skate Shop in Dallas, Texas

On January 7th 2012 is the Intuition Skate Shop game of B.L.A.D.E. bracket style, in McKinney, Texas. Be sure to participate in this competition as there are a lot of awesome prizes to win. Of course there will be a banger party afterwards, so make sure you are present!

Texas Holds ‘Em

Check out this nice street edit featuring: Jason Howard, Jason Zwack, Chris Fleener, Mark Bidgoli, Ryan Mccarty, Will Kennedy, Mason Richard and Matt Rankin.

Donate and Skate at Cedar Park Skatepark, Texas

The admission "charge" to enter the contest is a donated pair of used skates, frames, helmets/pads or wheels. We will be giving the skates to kids interested in blading, but do not have the funds available to buy new skates. The top three skaters will be awarded prizes from our sponsors. So go into that closet, break out those dusty skates and put them into a needy kids hands.