The Conference UK March 2012 Edit

A rugged and totally brilliant edit from The Conference UK. Whilst the lads are all busy filming for their separate projects, here are a few stray clips pieced together. -Oli Benet

‘Behind The Secret Door’ at The Conference: Part #1 & #2

The fine gentlemen at The Conference have opened the door to their treasure chamber of more than 10 years of product development for us ordinary people. It seems some of the things that are hidden in there are locked up for a reason but all of this is kind of interesting to see and who doesn't enjoy being sent to "the good 'ol days"? We're looking forward to more for sure!

The Conference and friends at the NYC Invitational

Quite a few edits have been made of this phenomenal contest but this is the one to remember. The edit features most of the big tricks that were thrown down, new angles and an incredible vibe, which is underlined by some sweet jazzy music and some amazing panorama shots of New York City. Edit by Nick Pisciotta

Bela “Tasi” Tasnadi The Conference Edit

Bela Tasnadi of Hungary spent a week at The Powerhouse in Barcelona and single handedly destroyed spot after spot. Gergo Guba and Richie Eisler were on hand to cover the action and Guba put this edit together to show some of his finest moments.

The Conference Holiday Line

Check out the line of products The Conference released for the holidays this year. They post news and updates on their products and teams all the time on their site. We suggest you bookmark their blog or subscribe to the RSS feed.