‘Curriculum Vitae’: A therolling.lv Video

The boys from therolling.lv at it again, blading hard, partying hard... 'Curriculum Vitae' features Agris Caurs, Janis Zalitis, Kaspars Alksnis, Martins Jansons, Almants Nedzveckis, Toms Krasovskis, Reinis Petersons, Raimonds Prusis, Toms Slukins, Edgars Rozentals, and Nils Jansons.

Toms Krasovskis Edit by therolling.lv

We were filming this edit for about two months. It was hard because of all the little things that slow you down, also everyone has work or school etc. So we used the time we have and tried to do the best we can! Its still not even close as good as we wanted it, but it is what it is! So here is what we got, check it if you want to and we hope you enjoy! -Toms Krasovskis
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ALNIS 2015

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Spring Kickoff

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