One Minute One Spot: Thomas Lieurey

So Thomas Lieurey or better known as petit Thomas has got himself a one minute one spot for be-mag ay:). I've known Thom the outrage character for about 1 year now. We met in Santa monica LA 2009 at photographer' Jeremy Condamines place. That lasted 2 days before we found ourselves on our own with nowhere to go. So I had to take Thom with me who I didn't know and who didn't speak English at all to a hostel in Hollywood. Not much talking was going on so we decided to party or "we make party" as Thom would put it lol. I soon found out Thom could speak great English!

Be-Mag 2011 Showreel Video by Matthis Lapaire

Contributors from Be-Mag come from all over the world. In fact, one of the aspects that make this media outlet so successful is the joint effort given from the rolling world covering every rideable inch of the globe. Aggressive skating, while seemingly non-existent to the pop-culture world, has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. The dynamic has changed in so many ways since the early 1990s that each aspect in growth of style, amplitude, technology, culture, etc. has gone through it’s own little piece of the overall revolution.

Raiffeisen Lausanne Street&Bowl contest 2011 official edit

The Raiffeisen Lausanne Street&Bowl contest took place between the 1st and 4th of September. This year's event program not only included the rolling competition itself, but also a lot of side-events such as waterjump sessions, 80's Rollerdisco, night rolling sessions etc. If we have to pick an edit of the day, this one probably takes the cake!

Company Profile: Infernal Clothing

Infernal is in the rolling business since 10 years now and supports rolling since its beginning. Reason enough for us to give you a little insight behind the scenes with this interview with Infernal owner, Jonas Pöltl.