Out now: USD Classic Throne D3M George

You can now purchase the new D3M George USD Classic Throne at shops worldwide. Kizer Fluid 4 frames, UC Demetrios George pro wheels and a newly designed liner (based on the Carbon 4 liner) are the main features of these skates.

Brian Arnold USD Classic Throne Profile 2013

This is the new 2013 Brian Arnold profile. He is skating the USD Classic Throne. We took our time stacking clips for this section while Brian finished up his last year of College. We dealt with everything from drug-infested neighborhoods, Camera malfunctions, injuries, multiple hangovers, shit weather from 15 to 115 degrees, and anything else you imagine could happen when a Yankee filmer raised in New York and a southern beer-drinking good ole boy from Texas team up to make movie magic in Baltimore. -Nick Pisciotta