Tom Coley-Sowry: One Minute One Spot

This spot is located in Wheelers Hill, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The only time I had been there everyone was having a bad day, so we decided to make excuses to not skate it, the rail was too sketchy, down-hill run-up, little lip of wood to get caught on just near the end of the rail on the far-side, and 'graze your face' asphalt to land on. So when I heard from Mr. Dalbis that little Tom Coley-Sowry managed to pump out a 'One Minute One Spot' edit just on this rail I was so pumped! I've known Little Tom for around 3-4 years now, and when he's not chilling/relaxing/catching his breath at a spot, he's a ball of energy just shredding (sort of like Sonic the Hedgehog). He has a bright future in skating, and I hope him all the best.

2010 Australian Rolling Open

Adelaide turned on the weather and Australia turned on the skating for the 2010 Australian Rolling Open. Little Razors ripper Tom Coley-Sowry lead the charge in the U18s, taking the prize with flawless tricks and ultimate steeze on nearly every obstacle in the park. The open final came down to a hectic fifteen minute jam session which effectively came to a head when Danny Jensen laced one of the biggest disaster Kind Grinds you will ever see!

ZIGZAG: Video & Zine

ZIGZAG is a film and photo series produced by Jarrod Thackeray, and if you can now watch the 10 minutes video online, we highly suggest you get your...

Right 2 Roll 9 2011 Edit by Bradley Harold Watson

The comp was very much for the big boys only. I didn't want to make a 20min edit which I could have with all the monster tricks that went down. I'm sure you will see in other edits the crazy 900 attempts that Paulie Haack tried and a bunch of other tricks that I didn't have time to squeeze in. -Bradley Harold Watson

‘Seven Rats’ Premiere in Melbourne, Australia

It’s Friday the 22nd of April, time for the world premiere of Australian DVD ‘Seven Rats’. It was in a dark and filthy cobblestone alleyway right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD that the red carpet was rolled out for all who attended. The appropriately named ‘Rancho Notorious’ was the venue for the evening. Inside on the first level was an old warehouse converted into a gallery showcasing talented Melbourne artists, but this didn’t take importance away from the bar which was serving the finest local and imported beers, wine, and an enormous cheese platter (real rat food). Like most who attended, Josh Clarke strolled in with his eyes set on the bar. The event and venue was one that Melbourne rollerbladers had not experienced before for a premiere, and everyone knew this meant something special.

Australian Rolling Open Report with exclusive Be-Mag Edit

This years ARO was one for the locals. CJ Wellsmore, whose exceptional park skating skills are a product of growing up in the Canberra scene, took first place from his close friend Rhys Bell while Danny Jensen came a close third in the countries premiere Rolling Event. Check out this report and an exclusive Be-Mag edit from Dom West!