Krisztian Szilagyi rides UC Wheels

Krisz had some serious shoulder injuries during the making of this edit but that didn’t stop him from really giving it his all. By the time the edit was completed it was a given that he would need surgery. Krisz is a truly inspiring skater and is an example to follow for the younger generation.

Introducing the Circolo × Be-Mag Collaboration Wheels

We are proud to announce our first collaboration wheel with Circolo. After our succesful launches of the Eulogy × Be-Mag wheel (sold out) and the Chimera × Be-Mag wheels (sold out in the USA, almost sold out in the rest of the world) it was time for the next Be-Mag wheel collaboration!

Introducing the Chimera × Be-Mag Collaboration Wheels

2013 is the year of collaborations in the Blading industry and Be-Mag is at the helm of this movement. We're proud to introduce another effort to grow and strenghten our sport by teaming up with Germany based wheel company Chimera to release another great product, the Chimera × Be-Mag Collaboration Wheels.

Introducing the Eulogy × Be-Mag Collaboration Wheels

Today we're very proud to announce the birth of the first official Be-Mag wheels. These little round babies feature the infamous Eulogy urethane and measure up at 58mm/89a. Our favorite designer Tim Wolff came through with some sweet graphics. A limited amount of sets will be available at Winterclash and BCSD, so act fast!

Product Review: Eulogy Wheels

Eric Miller has been rolling on a set of Eulogy wheels that are currently in the design and test phase. He has been skating them for about a month now on every conceivable surface. According to Eric, “They held up just grand." We think that's French for, "F'Yeah!"