Stephen Swain: UKSkate/Kaltik Edit

Stephen Swain has just released a new edit. Blading in the UK Skate Park, he drops some of the cleanest and smoothest tricks. It all looks so effortless. Right there is the definition of style.

Stephen Swain: Ukskate Edit

Here we go with a brand new edit featuring UK's posterboy Stephen Swain. Expect some fancy tricks mixed up with some drum n bass tunes.

Remz 2010 England Tour part 1 of 5: Featuring Franky Morales and the Remz England Team at the UKSkatepark

Remz is back on tour again bringing the Remz Pro riders Franky Morales from the US as well as CJ Wellsmore from Australia along to the United Kingdom to unite with the UK Remz Team (Si Coburn, Lee Devereaux, Joey Egen, and Ollie Jones) for some extra delicious shred sessions! Our personal Be-Mag nightworker, Kato Mateu, give his eye teeth to provide us with everything that happens on this tour as fast as possible! Check out this first tour update including some UKSkatepark sessions as well as a private UKSkatepark tour. Read on.

Noiya Jam 2012 in Sheffield, England

Noiya Clothing is proud to be organising its annual Inline jam for the fourth year running at The House Skatepark in Sheffield. The event was won by Nick Lomax last year who walked away with the first prize of £300 cash, closely followed by Alex Burston in second with £150, and Elliot Stevens in third winning £75. We believe cash prizes are the only way to go for the Expert/Sponsored category, and it seems to bring out the best in everyone when the heat is on.

Noiya Jam 2011 Promo Edit

Noiya Clothing is continuing to organise its annual rollerblade jam at The House Skatepark, Sheffield. The event is supported by Kingdom Magazine, SlapTap, Loco Skates, UKSkate, The Conference (USD, Undercover, Xsjado, Kizer) Ground Control, Razors, Glaceau VitaminWater & Be-Mag.

NOIYA Clothing Inline Jam 2011

Noiya Clothing is continuing to organise its annual rollerblade jam at The House Skatepark, Sheffield. The event was won by Alex Burston last year who walked away with the first prize of £300 cash, closely followed by Nick Lomax in second with his £150, and Steve Swain in third winning £75. Since winning last April Alex has gone on to have a stellar year, picking up major sponsorship from Razors. We hope to have him in attendance again this year to defend his title. Rumour has it that Mike Welland might also be about to attempt to regain his title from 2009.

Andy Gilbert: One Minute One Spot

Be-Mag always looks for the up and comers enriching our sport with some fresh and new style. If you have been at the Winterclash 2010 you may have witnessed one new kid flowing around the park with huge airs and lots of power. The talk is about Andy Gilbert, the Liverpool kid that's talented like only a few in his age. We contacted Andy through Matthew Dearden (Rampworx) and asked him if he could do a "One Minute One Spot" for us. The guy doesn't talk much, he just does it. So here is his answer to our request. Thanks to Matthew Dearden for organizing this One Minute One Spot!

NASS – Finals Day

Sunday saw the best blading of the weekend with the WRS Pro street finals, Goliath FInals and the RIchard Taylor best trick comp. Aragon destroyed the street course with huge tricks including a cork 7 transfer over Elvis clinching him first place. Roman Godenaire placed second with enormous spins and flips all over the place, Steve Swain came in third with a solid line of big tricks and tech grinds.

Remz 2010 England Tour part 2 of 5: CJ Wellsmore destroying Rampworx

After another endless nightshift here comes the Chaz Sands update including an eight minute edit showcasing the REMZ beasts on the Rampworx playground. Everyone has most likely heard about Julius Caesar's famous statement: "Veni, vidi, vici" (meaning "I came, I saw, I conquered"). If you now ask yourself what Caesar has to do with the Chaz Sands Invite, then just watch this edit and you can easily see CJ Wellsmore living out "Veni, vidi, vici" again.