CJ Wellsmore On Teaching Skateboarding, Euro Trips And Vine Street 2

Our Be-mag issue #38 cover boy and Australian powerhouse CJ Wellsmore has been skating hard down in Sydney during the cool winter months. He's put together some hard hitting clips for you to enjoy, and he took a few minutes to speak with Be-mag exclusively about his working life, skating and the possibility of a Vine Street Part 2.

Danish Championships: Pony Cup 2011 Contest Report & Official Edit

Pony Cup 2011 was a great experience. A lot of really good bladers attended this year and the competition – in contrast to its rather small name – featured some seriously good skating by Jojo Jacobi, Alex Burston and Jacob Juul as well as an elite troop of young guns that were ripping the park to shreds in the junior competition!

Todd McInerney Interview

If you really think about it, rollerblades are silly. But thankfully there are people who discover a piece of their spirit in these wheeled boots... and they get hooked. Rollerblading is lucky that Todd got hooked (and so am I). Although it's difficult to pinpoint what sparked Todd's lifelong interest in skating, I've often had a theory that rollerblading gave Todd something that he couldn't find anywhere else. There's nothing silly about that...