‘Valo V’ Trailer

Valo's new team video, 'Valo V', is starting to become available in skateshops all over the world. We suggest you pick up a copy asap. Here's the trailer!

The Making of the ‘Valo V’ Book

The 'Valo V' book is the real deal. Engineered, designed, and printed to be the most complete package we could deliver, this book is 64 pages of beautiful double pass, duotone black ink printed using an offset litho press at the award-winning Colornet Press in Los Angeles, Calif. The cover is flush trimmed and made of duplexed black chipboard with gold screen-printed logos on front and back. The inside back cover is die-cut perfectly to pressure hold your disc in place and keep it safe. Take care of it and enjoy it, just like we did while making it.