Richie Eisler at the TopSoul National Tournament in Venezuela

In Barquisimeto, Venezuela, the two leading skateshops, Rollermovement and TopSoul Store, organized the National Tournament Venezuela and invited USD Pro Richie Eisler to be part of the event. Prepare yourself for some sweet shredding brought to you by one of the fastest growing scenes of South America.

Richie Eisler: TopSoul Venezuela 2011

USD pro rider, Richie Eisler, recently toured Venezuela for seven days. This collaboration between TopSoul Venezuela and The Conference store turned out to be a great tour with beautiful moments where the locals finally could meet one of their idols. Check out the edit and get a great impression of Venezuela's vibe and Richies talented skating.

Santander Extremo 2011 “Street”

Here is a second edit of the Santander Extremo Colombia 2011 Competition by TopSoul. The Conference Team including Richie Eisler, Julien Cudot, and Nick Lomax was in Colombia at the time and they all attended this competition. Check out the edit of the contest below and watch how the rail at the streetspot is owned by the bladers.

Santander Extremo Colombia 2011 by TopSoul

The Conference Team including Richie Eisler, Julien Cudot, and Nick Lomax recently visited Colombia. When they were there TopSoul organized a contest, the Santander Extremo Colombia 2011. Check out the edit of the contest below and see how the Conference stars ripped up the park side by side with the local skaters.

Brian Aragon, Dre Powell in Chile: first stop of the Razors South America tour

In the rolling world there is a lot of hype on the South America scenes recently. And that's simply justified. The scene below the equator is ripe and thriving right now. Earlier this year we featured the NIMH South America tour through Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru here on be-mag. Now Razors adventures the trip to South America as well. With their first tour stops in Chile they turned a whole national rolling community inside out. Make sure you check out this tour stop and you can already look forward to some more coverage (soon on be-mag exclusively) from this country which ranges over 39 lines of latitude from the North to the South. Thanks to William Lobos and his friends for all the work they put into this update. This update not only features the beauty of our sport, it features the beautiful things that comes with rollerblading: intercultural friendships, memories and experience.

Scorching Oklahoma

This past week the temperture in the Oklahoma City metropolitian area has averaged 103 daily, indexes around 109. Its hot. Its the hottest week of the year. My name is Lucas Palmer. Photographers name is Matt Klink. We have both lived and grew up in Oklahoma.

Colombia Scene Report + Nikolas Calderon Interview

It's safe to say that what you and I take for granted isn't the reality in most of South America. We assume we can order a pair of skates online and have them shipped to our house. We assume we can see pros at a comp in our country. South America? Not so much. And yet they have one of the most vibrant scenes anywhere in the world - read on!