Wake Schepman: Drawing Lines

Wake Schepman isn't the future of skating he is the now. I've seen him mature over the last 3 years into one of the best up and coming bladers in our industry. Not only does his skills go beyond most skaters years older, he has the marketability and personality of a true professional. This will be obvious very soon to the masses if it isn't already.

Young Guns: Wake Schepman Interview + Exclusive Edit

Think rollerblading has no future? Guess again. It's refreshing to know that guys like Wake are out there killing it competing against pros twice their age. It's time Wake had some of the spotlight and we at Be-Mag are happy to bring you the Wake Schepman Interview!

Bitter Cold Showdown Edit: Official Be-Mag Edit by Sam DeAngelis

It's been almost a week since the Bittercold Showdown went down for it's last time, and what you have been waiting for is here! The official Be-Mag edit of the Bittercold Showdown featuring all the best skating from the competition. Tricks from Wake Schepman, CJ Wellsmore, Roman Abrate, Montre Livingston and many, many more!

Bitter Cold Showdown Edit: Official Be-Mag Edit by Hawke Trackler

Hawke Trackler is at it again and brings us the first official Be-Mag edit of the 2013 Bittercold Showdown. Showcasing the best of the best with CJ Wellsmore, Wake Schepman, Roman Abrate, Chris Haffey, Julian Bah, Montre Livingston, David Sizemore, Victor Arias, Jeph Howard and others. Camera by Hawke Trackler and Sam DeAngelis.

Bitter Cold Showdown Edit: proVoke Bittercold Showdown XIII 2013 Top 3

Missed the Bitter Cold Showdown? No worries! ProVoke is the first to put up an edit featuring the top 3 skaters from the Bitter Cold Showdown 2013. See the best trick by the top 3 of the competition. Smooth spins by Roman Abrate, solid skating by CJ Wellsmore and an impossible hurricane topacid by Wake Schepman!

Bitter Cold Showdown Update #1: Some dudes on the blades

It's starting to get busy in the Modern Skatepark in Royal Oak, Michigan. People are gathering for the Bittercold Showdown. Soon the park will be full of some of the best bladers in the world, and the competition will be heating up the cold Michigan winter. Eric Miller is the first to drop an edit from the BSCD2013, his pre-session edit called "Some Dudes on the Blades", features skating of Eric Miller, Toe Jorres, Wake Schepman and others, enjoy!

MiniMega 2012 Edit by Brent Scherer

A 4:30 minute edit with only one grind? How does it work? Cameron Card, Wake Schepman, Brent Scherer, Jack Fidone, and Nick O'Leary went to Woodward this summer to show you how it's done...