Warren Digne: Skating Madrid 2011

Warren Digne is showing his skills in this edit by Geillaume Chanaud. They went to Madrid last September and schredded some sick spots in the heat of the sun.

One Minute One Spot: Warren Digne

Just down the avenue from the Champs Elyssées there is one of Paris' finest curbs. I discovered this spot by accident some time ago. This summer I finally came back to the spot to film my One Minute One Spot right there. I was surprised I could skate that spot for at least half an hour without being chased by security. Hope you enjoy it.

Small interview with Warren Digne

After joining the Rollerblade pro-team Warren Digne won his first contest last weekend, the MILF town contest in Milan, Italy. Sven Boekhorst had some time to ask Warren a couple of questions.

Fenfanix 2013 Team Edit feat. Dalnas, Pottier, Cudot & more

Fenfanix's Gianluca Asunis brings us these new and old clips of their team riders Jeff Dalnas, Jeremy Kesler, Antony Pottier, Romain Godenaire, Diego Guilloud, Warren Digne, Diego Luppi, Fallon Heffernan, Julien Cudot, Daniel Tamanda, Riano van der Heuvel, and Rob Pruett.

Switzerland 2013 Edit of Team Rollerblade

Check out this video of team Rollerblade visiting Switzerland for a weekend. With footage from Basel, Zurich and Zug. Skating by Adrian Deck, Warren Digne, Jeremy Suarez, Timmy van Rixtel, Jan Ebbert, Sven Boekhorst and Guillaume Le Gentil! Edit by Mihai Bivol.

Nomades Tour 2012 Update #1: Shredding Up London

It's about 6am in the morning, I am with Nicolas Auroux and Mathieu Heinemann in this train bringing us to the meeting spot of the 3rd edition of the famous Nomades Tour. We are the first to arrive, quickly followed by Warren Digne and Robert Guerrero. Finally Mathias Silhan and Stefan Horngacher are here after a hard night partying...It's a rainy first day on our way to Calais, taking a ferry-boat to Britain's south coast.

Nomades Tour 2012

Matthias Silhan, Warren Digne, Robert Guerrero & Stefan Horngacher will travel through Londres, Cologne, Geneve, Barcelona, Saragossa, Bilbao, Tours and Paris within the realms of Nomades Tour 2012! Join the fun if you happen to be in the area!