G Skatepark Section in Japan by Yuto Goto

In this edit you can see the best talents from Japan showing off their skills in the G Skatepark. Check out Eiji Sakihara, Haruki Dozen, Katsuhiko Sagata, Kazuho Kumazawa, Yoshiki Kimura, Chiaki Ito, Koichi Iguchi, Yuto Goto, and Toru Shirai as the show no fear and rip up the park.

Yuto Goto: One Minute One Spot

Back in the day there was Japan's posterboy Chiaki Ito appearing on all the major contests (XGames, ASA etc.) worldwide. Today there are some new faces and talents stepping up the game and drawing a lot more attention to Japan from the rest of the rolling world again. We approached Yuto (one of the new talents) two weeks ago and received this edit almost 24 hours later. This guy not only impressed us with his dedication, but more with his solid skating talent that you can see in this edit. When he answered the questions that we sent him there was one answer that made us smile. His favorite skater from back in the day is Alex Broskow (and not for example Chiaki Ito). Yuto seems to be just too new-school to know any of the legendary skaters. But seeing his One Minute One Spot there is no sign of being new school anymore...he already seems to be conscience-proof and talented like the older guys.

Yuto Goto in Aspo

Be-Mag is always trying to showcase you the people who move and influence their local scenes. Here we've just spotted this short edit showing some...

Yuto Goto Park Edit

Yuto Goto - The new inspiration from Japan. You might have heard about this young talent already. You need a refresher? Then this is the edit you...