MFTBRAND Goodbye Session at ASPO Skatepark

These days a lot of great skateparks have to face financial difficulties. Unfortunately the ASPO skatepark (Japan) - home to the infamous MFTBRAND Crew - is one of them. Even though the local skaters tried everything they could to avoid the final shutdown - in the end - it just wasn´t meant to be. Despite this being a sad occasion Soichiro Kanashima, Yuto Guto and the rest of the guys and girls made an effort putting together this sweet edit of their last session for us to enjoy.

Be-Mag Live Update #1 from Korea Chuncheon World Leisure Cup Action Sports Championships

There is always a sense of trepidation and apprehension when embarking on trips to foreign skate events. The language factor, the foreign food, the cultural differences, plus the fact that new experiences await after a few hours on a plane. This was definitely the case when we left Hong Kong on our midnight flight to Korea for the Korea 2012 Chuncheon World Leisure Cup Action Sports Championships (what a great simple name, yeah?).