Jeremy Raff: Drawing Lines

It is always interesting to come across people whose skating directly mirrors their personality, Jeremy Raff is one of those people. When first meeting Raff he will want to know everything about you. He will know exactly who you are and your life story within a day and keep digging things out of you your entire friendship. How he approaches you is very up front but with the most elegance that you won't even notice that he now knows enough to write, direct and film a documentary on your existence. Jeremy's skating is very in your face and ornate all at the same time. Most people have yet to see Raff skate because it was not until recent years that video recording technology could capture such top speeds on rollerblades. At mach 10 you will see such precision in every trick but with the potential danger at speeds that high and his signature action face he gives you the perfect hint of crass. Jeremy has become a very close friend over the years and if you ever have chance of spending time with him you will find yourself wanting to know him as much as he wants to know you.

RW Wednesdays with SSM

Another Rdub session at Power Inn skatepark but this time Brian Shima, BJ Bernhardt and Leon Humphries decided to roll through.... Only filmed all of...

Cornbread (2011) by Jeremy Raff

You need to check out this montage with blading from Zacharias Flynn, Tobias Holden and Jeremy Raff. You will watch this edit more than one time. A year well spent!