In Depth: Chaz Sands

I met Chaz for the first time during a contest in Rome back in 2002. I guess I’d only known him for like 24 hours, but after some drinks we were already making plans to drive my car all the way from Rome to Glasgow, to spend some extra time in Scotland. The next morning we cancelled this crazy idea because of everybody's hangovers. I also remember we were sitting together in the car that night with a Dutch friend of mine who needed skates. Chaz said: “No problem. I will call Salomon right now for a pair of skates” haha....So there he was at 3 o’clock in the morning calling the Salomon headquarters for a pair of skates. Ever since then we’ve been in contact, and I'm always trying to bring him over to my events here in Holland; the main goal is to have a great time and the secondary goal is to have some nice blading sessions. And I must say we are scoring every single time except this one time during my 30th birthday!I visited his house and local skatepark for a week a few years ago, which was a great experience. I hope I can make this trip again soon. Chaz is a great personality, a down to earth person with a big sense of humor and besides that he is still killing it on his blades. Like this video I saw lately of him learning fakie 1080...

Session: Supica skatepark

Zagreb has had a long love-hate relationship with rollerblading, ever since 1995. A few generations of skaters have come and gone, dropping rollerblading for more trendy stuff like skateboarding and drugs. There has always been a small group of people that kept things going, with edits, a few homemade videos and contests of all kinds. The first of the monthly rollerblader sessions in the indoor skatepark Supica was a call up, to see who's still alive and well.

Crazy Rollinz contest trailer

The Rollinz contest just went down and Dominik Wagner took again another title. Check out a crazy first trailer of the contest here on be-mag and also view the full results.