Loco LoveScotland tour update 4: Aberdeen

It's been an eventful couple of days. We drove to Aberdeen on Tuesday in the daytime for the 6-10 session at Transition Extreme skatepark. Bailey worked the bowl while Leon murked the streetcourse. We went to a club in Aberdeen where Elliot got chucked out (/sneaked back in) 3 times. Aberdeen local Andrew Tough hooked us up BIG TIME with some apartments on the docks... heated bathroom floors and all the trimmings. Wednesday we managed to film 32 clips on one street spot thanks to Lomax, Elliot Stevens and local 'Gammy'...

[MAG] December 2012

A Remy Cadier profile, an interview with Tim Haars and an Aberdeen spotcheck is the main content of this months [MAG]!

RollKings Tour Update #2: Days 3 to 5

The RollKings Tour is over and done with but here is a recap of some more of their highlights. Take a peek at some extra bonus clips and photos. If these are their left overs, we can't wait for the finished product.

Graeme Forbes 2011 Section by Lewis Bowden

Greame Forbes, from Aberdeen, Scotland, is showing off his skills in this 2011 edit by Lewis Bowden. If you like it, be advised that he will feature a full section in the Rif Raf DVD which is planned to release in mid 2012. Enjoy!

Loco LoveScotland tour update 5.1: Edinburgh and Glasgow

AWESOME tour stop at Edinburgh on Thursday. Chris Doughty and his girlfriend Lisa hooked it up big time with the accommodation the night before. A bunch of people turned up for the stop and Bailey showed us all exactly what he's all about working the cradle and bowls and dropping a bunch of hammers. Everybody sessioned the park for 7 hours straight. Tuffnell is injured after falling 15ft onto his ass in Aberdeen. He is out of commission for the rest of the tour now.

LocoSkates LoveScotland Tour Announcement

Without wanting to do too much self-trumpet-blowing, it has occurred to me that our team at LocoSkates is an outstanding collection of UK rollerblading talent. It's also occurred to me that we have alot of fun when we travel. Nor did it slip my mind that Scotland is not only a great market for us at LocoSkates.com, but is full of killer street spots, incredible skateparks and inspired, pro-active, hospitable people. The LocoSkates LoveScotland tour had to happen.

LocoSkates LoveScotland Tour 2011

For the first time all together, the LocoSkates team will tour from 9th - 17th April. We will be paying our friends north of the border a visit and touring Scotland. East Kilbride, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumbarton along with a warm-up stop at the Noiya Jam in Sheffield on the 9th.