Revolution “On The Spot” with Adam Johnson

Adam Johnson is dedicated to blading, he lives it. We have the upmost respect for him, not only for running 2 companies in our industry, but sacrificing everything he has to produce some amazing skate videos featuring his closest friends. We caught up with AJ in Arizona during one of of his "laps" around the country filming for 'Pariah'. -James Johnson

Adam Johnson on CHARG!NG, Piracy and ‘The 20 Project’

Adam Johnson takes high risks to deliver the best skating possible all the way to your living room. Selling all his belongings to fund a flick and living in a van for months on end to film for your new favorite videos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many sacrifices this guy makes. No wonder he gets pissed when someone steals his and his peers' hard work. Read more about his opinions on intellectual property and find out more about his latest brainchild 'The 20 Project' which will feature some of the most interesting skaters of the sport.

Street Artist Interview With Adam Johnson

Street Artist has become a force to be reckoned with since they popped onto the scene not too long ago. Be-Mag's Michael Bayr caught up with Adam Johnson to get the scoop on Street Artists' history and where they're headed.

BCSD X edit by Adam Johnson

The hype around BCSD is still present. Here we go with a nice edit by AJ, providing some new insights in this year's madness at Bitter Cold Showdown....

Michael Garlinghouse ‘Pariah’ Profile

Michael Garlinghouse should seriously be pro now, check out his ditch the bucket edit online somewhere and tell me I'm wrong. This guy fucking rips and represents all my favorite parts about skating and great people. -Adam Johnson

Ross Kuhn ‘Pariah’ Profile

Ross came to town for 18 days and pretty much skated by himself for this whole part in Kansas City, not really fair that Alex left, the van broke down, it rained half the time, and Ross got consistently broke the fuck off. -Adam Johnson

Erik Stokley ‘Pariah’ Profile

Erik went to something like 22 states with me for this part, not necessarily to skate or film, but half the time just to keep me sane and go on adventures. It was fucking awesome to have so many great times and it shows in this part. -Adam Johnson