Adam Zurawiecki interview

If you think of Rollerblading in Poland you might think of two things at least: Hedonskate and Adam Zurawiecki. Adam is a strong pillar in the Polish skate scene. If you look up his name on youtube, you will find a dozen edits that kicks ass. After a decade of hard skating Adam is still stepping up the game - not only with his skating, but also with his never ending dedication to the sport and some interesting ideas that will make Rollerblading look good and strong. For his Be-Mag interview Adam didn't come up with the normal street skate and interview shots. That's not his nature. instead, he was looking for some extraordinary stuff.

Adam Zurawiecki Interview

What was your first contact to aggressive skating?Everything started in early 90's. I was fascinated with the fact that you can do skating in the...

Slipklip Video Magazine EP 8

After some time away, Slipklip is back. Episode 8 starts off with well know Polish blader, Adam Zurawiecki, being interviewed. Then, Radek Kojtych tells us a little bit about some filming basics while Kuba Urbanczyk teaches us the way of the photographer. If you like hilarious epic fails then you will love Dawid Niemczyk's section. Of course, (as if you'd expect anything less), there's a ton of killer skating going on all throughout. It is the last episode for this season, so make sure you don't miss it.