Allan Beaulieu Powerblading Park Edit

Allan Beaulieu is the perfect candidate for Powerblading. The speed, extra maneuverability and control match his strenth and exclusive style. Allan's productions always boast high quality filming and production, and this edit is no different! -Oli Benet

Allan Beaulieu 2011 Edit

Allan Beaulieu visited the Barcelona Powerhouse for a month. The rain put off completing the section so he returned to Clermont Ferrand in France to finalise this edit. Enjoy!

Now Online: Wheel Scene Issue #8

Issue #8 of Wheel Scene is now online, crammed with loads of aggressive blading interviews, including Allan Beaulieu, Keaton Newsom, Brian Freeman and Marc Moreno!

‘Wolfpack’ Trailer

Mourad Leuchi and Valentin Tuil of Arcena Officiel just released the trailer for Arcena's 2013 team video 'Wolfpack' feat. Nicolas Auroux, Allan Beaulieu, Clement Boucau, Louis Vilar, and David Aubert. You may want to watch this...

Arcena – 2010 Retrospective

Arcena 2010 retrospective starring Nicolas Auroux, Ilia Koutchoukov, Clément Boucau, Allan Beaulieu, Manon Derrien, Nicolas Paccarreta, Antsa Miandra Rajaonarison and AL.

WOLFPACK: an interview with Valentin Tuil & Mourad Leuchi

It's rare when a group of rollerbladers put a lot of time, money and effort into crafting together a video project. We're lucky to report that our friends at Arcena did all of the above and created their latest French blade-flick called "Wolfpack". The trailers peaked our interest and we wanted to delve further into the creative process and find out from both the director, Valentin Tuil and the producer, Mourad Leuchi what it took to complete this project.