Andrew Broom: WS Selects B-Roll

If you haven't seen Andrew Broom's WS Selects section yet, you are missing out on one of the very best video pieces to come out this year! Brought to...

Andrew Broom Adapt Park Edit by Anthony Medina

Since Andrew got picked up by Adapt, we decided to film a park edit to put online while we film for his 'Waterloo' section. Over the last couple months we filmed here and there at multiple parks in Texas. Enjoy. -Anthony Medina

Andrew Broom’s ‘Last of the Valos’ by Anthony Medina

These are some clips Andrew got over the last few weeks since his last edit came out. Since then Andrew has been lucky enough to be picked up by Adapt, so we figured we'd clean the slate and start fresh for a new, all Adapt, edit. The last trick is a teaser of things to come. Enjoy. -Anthony Medina