Andy Leitermann – Scumpire

Check out this creative skating edit of Andy Leitermann who knows how to combine Rollerblading elements with Skateboarding elements. At the end of...

One Minute, One Spot with Gabe Holm

Gabe Holm has made his mark with his New England Video Project, entitled "It's about time" in which he unites the talents of Andy Leitermann, Jeff Dalnas, Andrew Smolak, John Williams and Quinn Feldman. Here you can see Gabe himself ripping up a skatepark near his hometown.

| THE VODS OF 2018 |

A LIST OF THE VOD RELEASES OF 2018 Photograph by Ryan Loewy With our current Top 2018 nominations voting in progress, we felt that there was an...

Competition Report: Mile High Battle 2011

This weekend we saw the 11th annual Mile High Battle commence as bladers threw down everything they had. This phrase might seem too commonly used when media outlets in the blade world discuss a competition that went on. But, from this writer’s eyes down to the fingertips that press the insignificant keys on a laptop, this competition was all but common. It was an event that saw the likes of Colorado’s top skaters, visiting competitors Brian Aragon and Jeph Howard, who Razors flew in for this special trip, up-and-comers from surrounding states, and a line-up of spots that seemed peculiar and fitting. Some features that at first glance seemed ordinary for a competition like this spawned the battleground for one of the most heated battles that included a front-flip out of a sweatstance.