Aritz Ortega Recovery Edit

Razors Spain Pro Aritz Ortega comes back from his recent ankle injury with this solid street edit. Filmed by Felix Caballero, Neilam Reyes, Pelayo Gonzalez, Mikel Arteaga, SuperPollo, Pablo de Pablos, Carlos Truko and Javi Quijada.

One Minute One Spot: Aritz Ortega

My name is Mikel Artega, I have started skating with Aritz Ortega and he is one of the guys I know best. Since we were kids, his passion has always been skating. Everyday we went rolling from sun up until the sun went down. Even when he was really young, you could notice that he was going to be "someone" because he always stands out over the others. He has the "gift" and a technique that you cannot see in other skaters. He rarely fails, but when he does, he learns from it an keeps on and on. He is a really focused rider.